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Default Porsche's new 911 GT3

Porsche has revealed the updated and slightly more powerful 2010 911 GT3 ahead of its official debut at Geneva Motor Show in March.

The new model receives many of the subtle exterior updates as the rest of the 911 family but adds a unique racing flair to the mix. Up front there is a new bumper with a lower spoiler, larger air intakes with mesh inserts, and modified bi-xenon headlights. Other changes to the new GT3 include a redesigned rear spoiler, rear LED taillights, and a new rear bumper.

Power comes from an enlarged version of Porsche's naturally aspirated flat-six engine which now comes in at 3.8-liters and boasts 435 horsepower and 317 ft-lbs of torque. This allows the GT3 to sprint from 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 194 mph. Compared to the current GT3, the new model features an additional 200cc in displacement which helps to create the extra 20 hp.

Helping to keep all that power on the road are updated stability and traction control systems which aim to keep Porsche's legacy of offering outstanding vehicle dynamics while providing an enhanced measure of safety. The new version of Porsche Stability Management offers drivers the option of deactivating stability and traction control in separate steps, allowing for a custom tailored driving experience. Should the new safety systems fail to keep you on course, the larger carbon ceramic brakes will be there to help bring you to a halt.

The Euro base price of the new GT3 is €98,100, in Germany the retail price including value-added tax and specific national features is €116,947. In the USA the GT3 will be at dealerships in October at a price of $112,200 (MSRP without taxes). Porsche fans in the UK can expect the new model to be in dealerships this fall with a starting price of £81,914.


Porsche might be annoyingly good at making cars, but i'm so glad they're holding strong even during the financial crisis... very nice GT3
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very nice stuff, this is definately a very nice mutation of the 911. love the video with Röhrl at the wheel. Porsche always makes good promo stuff
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Looks like that "spider style" wheel is all the rage now... or did Porsche buy their wheels from the same place GM did?

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I like the rear but I prefer the front of the Mk I. Thanks for the links
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thats a great loking cars, and looks to drive even better, nothing lika a porsche
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