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Originally Posted by philip View Post
Everyone has those computer projection glass walls now. Even middle level govt employees in Las Vegas have them (CSI). Does that shite even exist outside of TV and the Movies.

Maybe they are trying to keep their movies from not being dated. All it takes is a big arse cell phone and you point and laugh now. Remember the hot cell phones in the Matrix.

yes they do exist, albeit there is not an advanced OS like the one you saw in the movie, the matrix cell phones were hideous and huge, what I was referring to was that Bond's celly took some serious abuse, water, sand, fire and the thing still worked! but enough about 007, I am watching "my name is Bruce" right now, it sucks beyond all that sucked, I am thinking of finding out the name of Miss Fields and see if she has some pics online

twin turbo, AWD, AWS, 6spd, drop dead gorgeous, what's not to like? mitsubishi should go back and make these again
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