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Originally Posted by DMbaseball1604
Yeah, this is true..and thats one of the reasons I like Porsche..I understand about EVO being about the thrill of driving...thats why I was not saying that one is better than the other because I was talking about reliability, which really had nothing to do with the article, and they were talking about the driving pleasure of the car itself..in which senario the Ferrari wins
Well reliability adds to the pleasure without a doubt. when you know that the car wont brake it adds to the experiance I guess. But it looks that with the release of the 360 the reliability standarts are higher at Ferrari. Look how many 360s finish the gumballs without any problems...Plus when I was at the Ferrari dealership I did not see many 360s...and there are about a 1000 friggin 360s in Toronto.
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Excellent aritcle. Thanks a bunch TT. By the way can you actually scan the whole magazine and post it here??? hehe. Cause they have stopped selling it at the newsagent for a few months now!!!! And that really got me pissed. Anyone having the same problem as well? Im from melbourne, Australia.
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Look more carefully I actually scanned all the features as I did for the past months
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