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Default 1400 hp Twin Turbo LSX '65 Chevelle - Nelson Racing Engines

Street burnout 00:04
Photo Shoot 00:27
Tom Nelson Talking About the Car 00:52
Paddle Shifting! 01:40
Pump Gas 05:03
'Aggressive Street Driving' 1 05:30
'Aggressive Street Driving' 2 09:07
Walk-around video with commentary 06:12
Video of the motor 07:11

Another "beast-master" by NRE.

This one has a 388" LSX motor with twin turbos, claimed 1000 hp on 91 pump and 1400hp on race gas.

Highlights: paddle shifted, SUPER sleeper, transmission tuning. (to be honest, I don't know much about auto transmissions... is the 'transmission tuning' that Tom Nelson talks about a unique thing, or is this widely available?)

Either way, enjoy!

02 SS

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Wow, talk about sleeper. Great built! Wish they had a different color for the car tho.
Definitely appreciated it more when they go under the car.
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true definition of sleeper right there
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