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Default Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Not sure really what was an option and what wasn't, but along with the Murcielago this should be the most expensive car I ever drive. And it's always a bit scary afterall!
I don't like the car actually, but wanted to see by myself what that big W12 could do and have a new indepth for my website afterall so why not!

More pics :arrow: http://www.motorworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=43830


Engine - W12, 5998 cc
Power - 550 hp @ 6100 rpm
Torque - 650 Nm @ 1600 rpm
Weight - 2475 kg
Fuel Tank -
Max Speed (declared) - 312 km/h de-restricted
Acceleration (declared), 0-100 km/h - 5.2 s
Fuel economy (out of town / town / mixed) -
Tranny - 6 gears manual

Seats - 4
Doors - 4
Lenght / width - 5307 / 2118 mm
Height -
Boot -


Ewww! We probably agree: the FS is not pretty at first, but it grows on you. Heavy look but not boring. While the Conti GT has something about it that makes it cool, this car with a couple extra meters added here and there ended up looking dull. Some better wheels can help, but just a little but. Really, to take pics of it was almost painfull. Sure, it's classy, it's a Bentley afterall.. and yet, a nice Arnage... :roll:


Well, inside it is business obviously! I am not used to uber luxury cars, and the best in which I sat was the average S Klasse W220. Sure comfy, but the FS plays in another league the seats are actually like small armchairs, soft, wide and comfy! There are buttons everywhere, wood, leather, chrome, ligths and so on! Almost intimidating of course!
At the back it's also impressive: a moving living room in which thousands of km would pass by in a glimpse in perfect comfort!
It doesn't feel typically english though, just some ultra high-standard german stuff :bah:

How does it drive?

Uhm.. in town, painfully
I mean, to be for the first time at the helm of a car which is longer than 5 meters 30 cm is really something! You look in the mirrors and see that boot some 4 meters away!! It's mindblowing! And the 2.20 meters of width don't really help in sneaking in narrow gaps! Sensors are everywhere and actually keep beeping also at speeds considerably quicker than parking speed. Weird. The direction is very light though, and visibility not that bad afterall. YOu just have to look far away and anticipate a bit, especially in tight intersections and such.
The engine is basically not there with you. Silent, invisible if you allow me. You only ear it when pressing the start button (keyless stuff, always cool). It roars with some revs and then settle to a relaxed idle which is totally kept outside the cabin as soon as you raise the side window.
Out of town, small stretch of straight road, I dare to depress the right pedal a bit more, just out of curiosity. It's very light, like the steering and you just have to think about it to end up traveling 50 kmh quicker in a glimpse. Surreal. A couple of cm of travel in the pedal and the car already jumped forward!
In a supercar you feel the car working, commands are heavy and you have to work a bit to obtain something. Here basically it's just a matter ot applying some grams to a bit of metal with your foot.
I would have killed to have some german autobahn near me that day! I only tried some short accelerations from a stand still and boys it's unbelievable! Remember, we are talking about a 2500 kg car able to reach 100 kmh in barely 5 sec! But numbers tell just half the story because when you experience this mad acceleration in such car for youself, you really realize how much out of this planet it is!! It's just wrong!! When you are in a quick Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, whatever, it's normal to be squashed into the seat, breathless, while reaching for the horizon. In a 2,5 tons behemoth, it fucking isn't!!! And yet it happens, effortlessly, addictive, time after time!
All in all, it's not a nice car and it's not so funny to drive it. But on a long roadtrip, you'll reach B from A in a very short time, assuming you'll meet no police and not tired at all.
A fact my oncle (yes, another one), still prefers to drive his old BMW 740 (previous model) with 300k + km instead of the Bent which only clocked 18'000 km so far.
It's just, well, too much probably

What are the most positive features of the car?

Staggering power

What are the most negative features of the car?

Totally disconnected

How do you think this car compares to its direct competition?

Uhm... IMO it already looses it with its in house competition. Even if the Arnage isn't really in the same league, still, if you can buy a FS you can probably buy an Arnage too...
I don't know, but if the FS seels more than 1 car per year it's for sure thanks to that winged badge, but also to the fact there aren't really 100 options when you want to waste 250'000 dollars in a rolling sofa!


It was interesting and enlightening, but that's it. First car between all the ones I drove so far I don't look forward to test a second time :roll:

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I'll do the second testdrive
Thanks for the review TT, gives us a better impression of how the car is to drive/use.

Me likes the car, as I said before, dark color is a must! I would love to drive to the Engadin once .... with the german quality in, I would call it an elegant-Upperclass-MB

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wow, quite harsh review. Honesty is the best way to do it!

Maybe a car for the elderly than the heavy right foot youngsters?
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I think this car is better left to be driven in, than to drive.
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Thanks for the report TT
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Good review. Personally, I think the exterior looks akward especially in certain angles. I don't think the coupe-to-sedan execution was that much of a success. Regardless, the interior looks great and very expensive. I heard that this is the fastest 4-door car. Isn't it the W221 S65 AMG? I'd prefer the Merc over this car.
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