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Default Setting for Automtic gearbox Passat


My dad has a VW Passat Variant TDI 130hp as a replacement car (why I'll tell you later in another topic) and it has an automatic gearbox. I've never driven an automatic and my dad has only driven the Golf GTi DSG. None of us knows how to properly operate an automatic gearbox. I'm a bit ashamed about this since I'm into cars since I was really small but no one properly explained it to me yet. So I've taken a picture of the gearbox of the Passat.

I know 'P' is for parking. 'D' is drive, in which it operates fully automatic, and the + and - are for shifting manually. 'R' is reverse. 'N' = neutral ? But what does that shoe sign mean for instance? And 2.3 and 4?

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