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Default weird high speed run Audi A6 2.0TDi

Tonight I had to pick up my mom and dad from the airfield some 120km's away from home. The roads were clear and I knew there are usually no speedcamera's on that part so I tried a top speed run.

In fifth it got to about 180km/h 4500rpm (it's a diesel you know), in sixt I got to 210km/h on the speedometer. I expected to get to about 215km/h since an indicated 210km/h is about 205km/h at most and the manual indicated that the A6 is capable of 210km/h.

When I was at an indicated 210km/h the car felt really weird. It was constatly having little shock's. Now I think it might have been the rpm limiter, but I don't know for sure. Does anybody know were I can find the rpm's at which the A6 should reach it top speed? And the amount of rpm when the limiter kicks in, should be nice to know as well.

All in all I must say that IMO it's a fine car to do some highway cruising. I outaccelerated an Alfa GT from 100km/h till about 200km/h. Above 200 it was slowly catching up. But the shocking of the car was pretty weird. I allways thought the gearing of a car is set so that you reach the top speed a bit before the limiter kicks in, so you don't get this.

I'm interested in hearing your oppinions.
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