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Originally Posted by Mattk View Post
And how do you propose to use the pedals? Poke them with your big toe? Pedals need to be raised so you can depress them easily.

toyota once showed a concedpt car that had the brake and gas actuators be sort of like big digital buttons on the floor... I don't know if that would ever make it into cars but it seems that more than one toyota engineer has had the misfortune of getting something stuck behind the pedal before (like me) and this is a common problem for people who commute daily for long distances, the idea looked sound, except for the fact that most people would find it weird, also accidental depression was not possible since you had to apply pressure to the button faces

twin turbo, AWD, AWS, 6spd, drop dead gorgeous, what's not to like? mitsubishi should go back and make these again
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