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Default Official Porsche Panamera Image Leaked

Official Porsche Panamera Image Leaked

Could this be the official, true-life image of the new Porsche Panamera? Yes, according to Dutch publication AutoTelegraaf. A Monday embargo on the images and possibly details has supposedly been broken by Auto Motor und Sport and more details should be available this Sunday night.

Panamera is a four-door coupe from Porsche that is aimed to compete with the likes of Mercedes-Benz CLS, the upcoming Audi A7 2+2, BMW CS concept-based 2+2 coupe and Aston Martin Rapide. It's a hefty customer this Panamera, measuring 16.3ft (4.97 metres) long, 6.3ft (1.9m) wide and 4.66ft (1.4m) tall. The wheelbase is quantified at 9.6ft (2.9m). Curb mass approaches two tonnes.

As a package it will feature the most advanced and passenger-car focused technologies, such as an electronic air suspension, PDK gearbox, an LSD for good traction, and current interior comforts. The Porsche Panamera is obviously a Porsche, which means no sparing of thought when it comes to engine power.

Initially the two variants available will be an S model and a Turbo, the former kicking out 400bhp (300kW) from its 4.8-litre V8 and the Turbo launching upwards of 500bhp (373kW), thanks to a twin-turbo system running through its gut. V6 petrol power should join the two later, packing around 300bhp (223kW), while hybrid power comes at a later stage. If Porsche terminology is anything to go by we can also expect Turbo S models too worth over 600bhp (447kW). Although diesels have been ruled out, there cannot be 100 percent certainty on the issue; Porsche did once say the Cayenne would not offer diesel as an option. Today it's a different story.

An estimated 20,000 units are planned for sale at the start, with production going on to 50,000 per year depending on demand. Sales of Panamera begin in the US, Europe and Asia in 2009.
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heads up!

Edit: 4.8 liter V8 sweet ^^
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