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Originally Posted by nthfinity
Originally Posted by 1zippo1
Originally Posted by insane
Not fond of it really. Seems like they are trying to do a stylish interiours. So they took European ones as an example and thought "We'll they use wook, so that's what we'll need as well..." only they've gone a bit too far.
same thougths here, and the wood they've used is weird somehow.

This would look fit in a Terminator 4 movie, but as a real car, it's completly and utterly useless
except the fact that trucks are 1000x more usefullthen any car

why do you think trucks sell sooooo much better then any car?... vans may be the meathod out there...but trucks can do everyting +more then any van.
All depends on the owner. Just like 4x4s.....they can be much more useful than cars, but in the hands of soccer moms / posers, they don't do more than riding curbs during parking @ the mall.
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