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Originally Posted by RC45 View Post
Thats all very well to thnk that way, btu the problem is when the rest of use folks tyr enter such an event after an big accident then we will get turned down if we dont bring a million dollar liability policy with us.

That's the problem.

Or like is now happening at track days all over the US - no passangers unless they are an instructor etc etc.

Don't blame us common sense folks.. blame the litigation happy Kalifornikators
Hey, that's become the US way. Someone else is to blame, not yourself of course..

Originally Posted by nthfinity View Post
in the good ol' days, the mortality rate was extremely high; so much higher than even top echelon stunt pilots (2% mortality rate per year, of which there are about 50 in the world).

So many of my great grandfather's friends died over the years racing. They had balls, and they died. If not wanting to die; but rather do things the safe way, does this mean I'm a pussy? Hence why it's retarded to go 240 mph in a car that was never intended to go faster then 160 mph.
Yes it kind of does actually.. that is one of the many definitions of the word pussy

And it's not like the $200,000+ put into modifying these cars have simply neglected roll cages and other safety equipment.

Put a full NASCAR() spec cage, proper harness and bucket seat in anything then give me a nice helmet and suit, I'll gladly drive to the limit, signing my life away.

But that's just me... I also like to brake hard getting the car "out of control" by not down shifting in to each gear just to make the pass
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