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Well... its a Ferrari so I like it mostly..

But is it a GTO? Ferrari seem to think so. I don't.

Some similarities...
the 250's began in the late 50s, and continued through the mid 60's... 250 PF Coupe, 250 Lusso, 250 SWB, 250 LWB, 250 Breadvan, 250 TR, 250 TR, 250 GTE, 250 California Spider, 250 250 250 250 250... you get the idea

So, in 2003, we get the Enzo with it's 6.0 V12. Not long after, we get the 612, which has a detuned engine of the same make. Later, we also get the 599 Fiorano which is even closer to the Enzo's power levels. ... lets we also forget about the FXX using the same block, the MC12 and MCC both using the same block... and finally, the new 599xx, and 599 GTO getting it as well. So... we once again have a Ferrari with shared powerplants of various tune going around.

The 250 GTO was far more race oriented than street... however, in those days, the lines were far more blurred. The 599 GTO is... a street car... A shadow of the 599 XX. If the 599XX didn't exist, and more race bred tech made it to the new "GTO" it might be worthy of that name.

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