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It was May 11, 1994 when I picked up the Autocar & Motor magazine which had the Macca on the cover. Prior to this I had seen spy shots of the car and wasn't really interested in it (I dont really care about spy shots in general).

It was 15 pages of fantastic writing that made me an instant fan of the car. It was a car that was very unlike anything else around at the time - painstakingly built to the unique vision of a brilliant designer (Gordon Murray) who had cut his teeth with building World championship winning F1 cars at Brabham and McLaren.

Seeing the Top Gear clip of Tiff driving the F1 was icing on the cake. I must have seen that clip at least 50 times. What a sound - the best sounding engine in the world - bar none.

It is the best car in the world to me. I am sure the F1 will be gracing the lawns of Pebble Beach 25 years from now.


"Tazio Nuvolari - The greatest driver of the past, the present and the future" - Ferdinand Porsche
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