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^^ lol, 'a little raw' yes, my dads friend used to own a cerbera 4.2, and i got a ride one day, mind you the button to open the passenger door had stopped working, and we had to bump start it, and when he did give it some it sounded rough, and wasnt as quick as i'd expected it to be, to which he replied, oh its in for a service soon, they get a bit like this just before!
Some other friends went out to test drive a TVR Grifith 500, got 5 miles down the road and it broke down...
Ive heard stories about the tuscan as well, they are all weekend cars. Whereas i'd hope the Z06 would bridge the gap slightly between performance weekend car, but still remain refined enough to use during the week. (although i really am not a fan of the interior).
But then to drive the Z06 day to day, you'd pay for the cost of the car in petrol in about a month over here!!!

RC, im not afraid of the 'big bad muscle car' section
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