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Originally Posted by Guibo View Post
Thanks for the scans!

Looks like Heffner does some high-quality work; neither of his cars apparently had any problems, while those of the established tuners did. I'd love to see the Veyron included in this kind of test.
They did try to get a Veyron, but C+D ran into a couple issues.
1. They only managed to contact Bugatti to get a car 2 weeks before the date they needed it for test. (C+D claim they were trying to get ahold of them 6 months in advance.... I trust the guy who is in charge of Bugatti NA who told me 2 weeks)

2. the only Veyron in town is not going to be used for magazine testing.

However... RT did their 0-200 mph test, and that can be used pretty accurately to compare against these cars... with 0-200 in 24.5ish seconds.
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