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Originally Posted by JoeHahn View Post
Those Heffner cars sure do destroy massive chunks of road. Im surprised how fast the GT's 0-60 and 0-100 times are even with is massive tyres, that kind of BHP is hard to manage.

I also love Lingenfelters "We've done this a dozen times before and its never once failed". I guess they dont have motoring journos on their development team to test their cars hard enough
Their "on staff" (not really, the owner of the car's "staff driver") is far more brutal on the car then the C+D guys were.... In the numerous days of testing that I was on for the Lingenfelter car, the brakes were never an issue, but rather the transmission was not strong enough.

what is truly amazing, is that the GT is very "stock" with exception to the TT setup! The LPE car is very heavy..
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