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Originally Posted by Bizi Jones
all hail RC45...

so what you're saying is that your 'opinion' has more weight than a similar human (in fact numerous amounts of them who claim similar fact) who owns both and says that the V1 has worked while the Escort hasn't...

indeed the mag is prolly biased, but I don't see how your opinion is any less biased...u claimed its better, but where is the tangible proof...everyone has an opinion y should yours have anymore weight than the next person...

here's a mag that ran a series of tests, and shows how each one scored not based on opinion but on 'scientific evidence', maybe they were biased tests etc etc...but its more credible than 1 person's opinion...
Do what ever the hell you want.

I am however telling you that when we have been out driving in the wild, that the Escort has ALWAYS picked up signals ahead the V1's - and that the advantage of the "arrows" is nil when compared to the display showing a complete line for ach bogey detected AND frequency incationf of each AND a tone differnece.

So again - do what ever the fuck you want - the topic opener ASKED for opinions.

And I am guessing the thread starter IS interested the opinions of people who have owned and used BOTH - even if you are not.

Again - the thread starter ASKED for opinions.

Originally Posted by Skaala
I have the V1 and it works great, although police in norway are more and more changing over to lasers, and there's no detectors that give good protection against lasers.
Although LASER is line of sight, so there are more than likely other indicators a LASER is being used.. the operator will be likely using the crest of a hill, bridge etc. and more than likely in a high traffic area that you shouldn't be speeding in anyway.
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