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@Shaggy: The water pump's propeller broke, which led to overheating, which led to failed head gaskets, which led to crankshaft failure. Furthermore, after owning this car for nearly a year, I realized that the previous owner has not taken care of this car very well. Many many things were broken, half repaired, or not repaired at all - just hidden...

@Johnny: I'm from Slovenia. AFAIK, these 2.0 V6 TB engines were only made for Italian, German and our market. These are getting pretty rare, as not that many "survived". Usually they are dirt cheap to get, because they are neglected by their owners. It's not the cheapest car to maintain, so if you buy it for let's say... 600-800€, and you have to replace the clutch, you're looking at 400€ without labor, so... Drive it as long as it goes, then sell it
But I do agree with you completely. A N/A 3.0 or 3.2 V6 is nice, but sooner or later you get bored with stock HP, and the turbo engine is way better tuning wise. Less effort and money, for more gain. And after owning two AR164 V6TB's and one-of-a-kind AR145 V6 TB (AFAIK, no one else has put this engine in a 145 body), I must admit that I love this engine

I sure miss this car!

Sadly I had to take it apart, because I was unable to register it anymore, because of our stupid laws. What has become of this car? A street race project car, which is still in development at the moment. Here's a sneak preview:
You take one of the lightest stock cars, a standard Trabant which weights only 612kg (mostly out of fiberglass)

You cut the modified front end from a AR145 which can hold a V6 TB engine

And "put" it together

But more on this car some other time...

So... back to the AR166 project...
Rear engine mount was looking shabby, so a new OEM one was ordered

Engine assembling

Replacing gaskets, washers, seals exc. in the engine, gearbox and dif, as we go along. A brand new Valeo clutch was also fitted

Then the engine went in. The second mod to the engine, after head porting, was to fit a bigger intake manifold and intake runners from a 3l. The manifold has 0,5l more capacity, and the intake runners are 7mm bigger. We also replaced CV boots for the half shafts and steering rack.

Brand new OEM lambda probe was fitted, with an adapter which keeps the ECU happy, since there will be no pre-cat or main-cat

Intake runners fitted. AFAIK, no one has yet fitted this manifold or 45mm intake runners (stock are 38mm) on this engine. After that day, I knew why, because it was a pain in the #%! to make them fit...

Since the car sat for so long, all the brakes were seized and shot. So a brand new ATE front 310mm discs and ATE ceramic pads were fitted

And for the rear, we fitted 276mm ATE brake discs and normal ATE pads. (ceramic are not available)

Luckily, this car has no rust at all, since it is zinc-coated. To keep it that way, we added some additional protection

Everything around the engine almost done. Only fluids missing...

Material for a custom home-made exhaust. Stainless steel 3" pipes, hangers, flexi pipe, and a second hand Supersprint backbox

Difference between stock exhaust pipe, and 3"

Fluids ready

Just before we started the car, there was a problem. Darn A/C condenser crumbled in my hand as I touched it. So we had to get a new one, together with a new dryer

Looking good next to a shiny new radiator

Home-made middle section of the exhaust

Supersprint mounted. PS: Those orange marks are copper paste

After a successful test drive

Both my Alfa's together (I've sold the 164 last year)

Still a lot to come. To be continued...

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