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Some interesting numbers....
most notable aren't the 0-60 times... interesting that EACH car ran 3.4 seconds to 60 mph

The GTR is so advanced that it does brilliant things in corners, and in "off the line" accelleration... but it show's it's mass after that.... A LOT... surprising how much so.

the GTR loses it's accelleration advantage at 60 mph to the competitors... meaning, the other two cars will smoke the GTR on the street where people run from a roll... and rarely do standing starts.

by the end of the 1/4 mile, the GTR is already more then 7 mph slower in the same amount of time then the corvette, and 5 mph slower then the 911 Turbo...

It's 60-0 distance is impressive... but again, it looses it's advantage quickly because of all the additional mass .... show in the 80-0 time.

The lap advantage the GTR takes shows what happens when you have a higher-speed turn and warm soft tread tires can do over runflat tires on the Vette, and PS2's ? on the 911 Turbo.... but beyond the two turns, the GTR doesn't have much advantage, surprisingly so.
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