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Originally Posted by nickthaskater
Originally Posted by yg60m
I like it a lot, and it's a bargain for the performances
A C6 Corvette can be had for a couple (literally) grand more, which doesn't pig out on gas, and isn't a complete tank. The GT500 may have 500hp to the C6's 400, but the GT500 just weighs so bloody much that the extra power is completely negated in terms of performance, with the C6 equaling or beating the GT500 in basically every performance catagory. Sure the C6 doesn't have back seats, but it's not like you'd be buying a GT500 for an everyday soccer-mom mobile anyways.

Bottom line: I find it to be a huge disappointment.
Well - chicks and hairdressers buy the C6 Coupe anyway... while manly men on a budget would get the GT500...
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