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Originally Posted by Pokiou View Post
Howd you keep it from stalling with out any back pressure ?
turbo rotary engine + back pressure = massive fail

rev rev rev, besides it is a turbo, back then I never expected it to be a problem and it realy wasn't, I averaged 90 mph for the 12 mile ride and kept it on first gear while in town, like I said, loudest thing ever, RE amemiya exhaust was waiting at shop for me anyway

I don't think you would have to worry about something like that while you still had the cat and the pipe, muffler was cut off due to me absolutely hating it, ask any FD3S owner if they enjoy the stock muffler sound and they will puke, the RE amemiya replaced everything from the cat and beyond and I have been happy with the sound for the past 7 years, it is a high pitched noise reminiscent of F1 cars but it is not deafening loud either, I did experiment with custom set ups and a borla before settling with the RE-amemiya titanium

twin turbo, AWD, AWS, 6spd, drop dead gorgeous, what's not to like? mitsubishi should go back and make these again

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