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Some new parts...

Because my current pedals are side mounted for drifting, and because they are insanely wide - I can press two pedals with my size 12 foot with ease, I have decided to change them. I went for Sparco of course. I wanted something that looks "normal" and is slim as possible

I have also got a translator for my fuse box. Japanese is not my strong suit

For lower system pressure I have got a Nismo radiator cap

Previous owner has removed A/C, so the car would be faster. If a car has A/C, I want it to work. So I had to buy a pulley for it. Of course it is only OEM, and I got a quote at my local Nissan dealership for 275$. I got it from the States for 65$

I have also received a GTR lower dashboard trim and a few other bits. Dashboard trim is painted, so it doesn't get sticky like on my car. All the parts will be painted in matte black of course

And ARP main bolt kit, which was quite pricey...

To be continued,
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