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Parts are slowly arriving, so it's time I put some pics on here...


Because interior is a bit sad/left out, I've decided I will treat Sky with some nice items. First one is a Nismo shift knob

Previous owner has had three gauges mounted in the dash, but it looks terrible. So I've ordered an alloy gauge holder which fits R33 perfectly. It will be painted mat black, once I receive the lower part and center part of the dash from a GTR

Gear stick and handbrake gaiters were tattered. Leather replacements

I'm missing a passenger's floor mat. OEM used ones are too expensive, so I got an aftermarket set

ARP conrod bolt set has arrived. I'm still waiting on ARP main bolt set. I've also got a magnetic oil drain plug

ACL trimetal race bearings

Blitz turbo timer and Blitz electronic boost controller

Blitz Super BOV

Parts for the alternator and starter rebuild. I'm still waiting on a voltage regulator for the alternator, and starter motor solenoid. Then I will have all the parts for the rebuild. Reason for doing this is, there's a 95% chance they are still original parts, and after 21 years, it would be nice to rebuild them. I also got a gasket for the Nismo oil pump, which I am still waiting for...

Silicone radiator hose set. I still need to order a breather set, and replace blue FMIC coupling hoses with black ones

Piece de resistance is Bee-R rev limiter In plain English, it's a bang-bang flamethrower - because I'm 5 years old

To be continued...
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