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Originally Posted by 04RCSTI View Post
The tires, needless to say, are very very sticky. I could stick my nails into them when completely cold..
Glad you made a point of checking the 80 wear rated (I believe) tyres out. Remember this point.

Originally Posted by 04RCSTI View Post
Theres a combination of mechanical grip and technobox grip that I've never really felt before.
The computer systems rely on the above noted grip to allow braking, traction and side loading at the very limits of traction to be translated into the performance you felt.

This "hides" the weight - until the tyres go off, then the car will slow down as the computers are setup to keep the car at the very limit of adhesion/grip - and this grip-life-span is what the weight will affect - no getting away from this fact.

Originally Posted by 04RCSTI View Post
So to all the non-believers, RC and company. While its definitely not the fastest car in the world, it is definitely effin good and VERY VERY fast.
We never said it wasnt fast, we simply pointed out that in order to manage the weight and apparent lack of power, the tyres must either be super-sticky (which it turns out we were right on the money) and the power is most likely higher than the claims Nissan is making (and this might also be true) - and the test cars provided for early tests were Nissan ringer - and the Nurburgring car was for sure a ringer

The laws of physics are rigid and unforgiving - if you have the weight present, you have to deal with the kinetic energy you have stored up each time you try change direction/slow/accelerate - and the tyre takes the "heat" (literally) for doing this job

The novelty of tyres/brakes/parts will get old vey quickly for anyone except the wealthy trying to live with car if you ever hope to exploit the potential.

Which is pretty much what we have said since last year.

Glad you enjoyed the car, sure its fast, but a heavy fast car is expensive to keep fast. I men, what good and how much fun is a 1 lap time-attack car
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