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It's shitty because it's depleting the image and name of the brand by building so many cars based off of one chassis throwing a few things in here and there finding a race car that was successful(easily done) and naming it after that. There are already 2 "special edition" Boxsters available so this makes number 3. Yeah you get options as "standard" but you still pay for them. Look at the performance numbers virtually the same as a standard Boxster S, and equipment you can buy from the parts bin...thats not special. 315 hp with 4.9 0-60 times, 175 top speed, 6 pot brakes and parts/wheels specific to it's edition would make it sort of special

By the way a reg Boxster fully loaded isn't $100,000+ unless you are going all out...which I will assume is what you mean.

And the red interior is flashy at first but the color combo in person is very tasteful.

The only special edition car i see actually being of something good unless Porsche just f*cks shit up hardcore will be the 50th Anniversary Ed. 911. The 40th Jubilee Ed. was garbage...

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