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Hi! I have a question about the 911 series....

I heard that they are very reliable cars....I'm thinking of getting one (used model

1999-2000)....but since I live in Dubai, I'm afraid that the hot summers will kill the

car's engine....(note: most of the ppl who own a 911 here, they use them as a

secondary hobby car...but I would use it for everyday use.... ops: )

I have a Merc and I didn't have any problems with I didn't need to spend on

spare parts....I guess a 911's spare part cost more than a CL500... :shock:

Does it worth it for me to buy one....if yes which is the best buy (C2, C4, Conv....)?!

p.s. exclude the GTs and the Turbo....

Thanx in Advance!
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