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Originally Posted by RC45 View Post
Actually it is more like Forza 5-2=3

It is what FM3 was promised it was going to be.

Quick summary:

GT5 = visual superiority and photorealsim with driving model that is very good when coupled with a 3 pedal wheel and seat.

GT5 sounds = rubbish crap shit vacuums.

FM4 = acceptable visuals as far as XBox360 goes, not photorealistic but very good none the less with a driving model that is very good when couple with a 3 pedal wheel and seat.

FM4 sounds = glorious glorious booming and very real-like. Exclipse GT5 sounds by about 107 eyars of development time

Overall FM4 = GT5.

The one is let down by crap sounds th eother is let down by mediocre visuals.

Both drive very well and a great fun.

However, the sheer enjoyment of taking a 330P4 down the Mulsanne with the [b]CORRECT[b] cacaphony of noises bellowing out the surround sound makes the FM4 65" HD driving experience a little better than the GT5 one.

For me, the bottomline is that if FM4 had GT5's visuals and track surface mapping it would be heaven - almost no need for a real track day car

While I can't lay claim to 65"... I'm quite happy with my 60" You'd think fixing the sounds in GT would be the easiest thing to do. You would think...

If you haven't yet, do cockpit view in GT5 in 3D, and prepare to have your mind blown
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