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Originally Posted by pitfield View Post
Stigma? Yes everybody thinks you are a twat because you have an iPhone or Mac.

No viruses ever, instant start up, super convenient, best computer I have ever had, my windows based computers were cheaper but basically annoying all the time.
I have friends with 'medium' level mac's, and they slow down just as much as PC's do over time. Why? Because they are built with the same parts. Parts fail, the OS's are pretty good, if both annoying. I still love Windows 2000/ NT5. Talk about a fast start up, rock solid stable, and easily customized. Stable too.

I don't think iphone/mac owners are twats... just pretentious. Some of them aren't until they steer the conversation to their iphone/mac. If they are pretentious enough, they become twats quickly.

It's likely my next computer will be a desktop build; but for now, I needed the portability and power. Not cheap, but Ed's is on another level lol.
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