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They declared bankrupsy today.

Probably are still staying in business, but this gives them the opportunity to screw the stockholders one last time and renegotiate all their leases all over the country and now probably at much more favorable rates. (including the new one that isnt open yet near me).

Alot of times they haven't paid their suppliers yet ie: Sony, Panasonic, etc., so they will get those electronics that they have in their stores for essentially free.

Probably, Sony, Panasonic, etc. weren't shipping them anything new on credit cause they hadn't paid their older bills.

Trust me the head guys will all be keeping their jobs.

Oh in case you missed it, the bell weather for a your- old -mans- kind- of- recession rang to day with the headline "Trump is suing his lenders".

Isnt the way the world works just great?
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