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Originally Posted by Spiffu View Post
It's their money to spend,
What money is "theirs" to spend? Grant money? That is not "theirs" but rather "ours" as grants are sourced from taxes collected.

Originally Posted by Spiffu View Post
and advancing the knowledge of the human race will always be a much more worth while cause than bailing out idiots who didn't know a hurricane was coming three days out.
This comment is pretty moronic and uncalled for. I would like to see how much of a supercilious loudmouth you still are when faced with a) having to leave your home behind or b) have no way to remove yourslef from the area.

And I am not only talking about people living on the water, but also the large scale broader impact a storm can have.

What is your problem all of a sudden? Seems like you are PMSing recently - get over yourself already.
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