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Well its working. I had to update the firmware on the Pinnacle device (even though it was brand new) for it to work properly. Thank goodness Pinnacle has a forum where everyone can go and share there similar problems.

MP4 format is not supported by my version of real player, so I got a freeware version of PLC or something like that which will play the MP4 format.

To update the firmware I had to use a flash drive, well with all the hot drive swiching out, my computer forgot who it was and crashed a few times but with a little rebooting and a reset to a previous good date, my computer is working again and all is well.

Svideo seems to download with no problems. The 25 year old beta actually looks pretty good even though resolution wasnt a word they used with video cameras back then. This was so far back you had a camera only and a separate box you hung around your neck to record the video on. Amazing how far technology has progressed.

Only problem now is the beta is so bad the Pinnacle box looses the signal and thinks the session is over and times out, stopping the whole process early. I was hoping to do this unattended but that may not be the case now.

Looking for some car tapes.
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