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Picked up the 750gb at Fry's after going to BestBuy it was $100 more there, they would match the price but I had to bring in the ad which I didnt have.

Right clicking on the drive didnt work for me. The only option it seemed to give under format was to use Ntsb or whatever it is called.

Googled Fat32 found this site and downloaded it and with a lot of faith ran the program.

The demon in the site address seem scary, but the site seemed straightfoward so I took a chance.

Drive seems to work and the diskmgmt command seems to now show its fat32.

Copied some files to it seems to work fine so I hooked it up to the Pinnacle device which now shows it is working. I am converting very old beta from 1982 to digital. The tapes were recorded once and put away, there is a lot of drop outs (white snow) but not too bad considering the age.

I'll start on some car stuff in a day or two.

Thanks for everyones help.
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