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Originally Posted by philip View Post
ok I am way over my head. I bought a Pinnacle Video Transfer from real cheep.

It promised to convert my svideo's into digital with one touch no computer ease. Writes directly to a usb 2 external hard drive which I already had.

Well it didnt work, apparently Seagate FreeAgent external hard drives are formatted with NTSB or something like that since thats what XP uses and this device only writes to Fat32 which I guess is the Windows98 standard.

There seem to be some free software that will format to Fat32 but it all looks very complicated.

Does anyone make a external hard drive already fomated Fat32 as I really dont want to reformat the one I have.

Thanks in advance and remember I'm over my head here.
Windows xp comes with "windows movie maker" which should be able to "capture" the video directly w/out any fat32/ NTFS issues.

Fat32's limit is 2gb file size limit, which raw video can become larger
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