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Nissan engineers insist the GT-R really does only have 480 hp.

Motohiro Matsumura, president of Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan, says our dyno test story, which revealed the GT-R develops 430 hp at the wheels, is basically right. But he insists our estimate of a minimum 15-percent friction losses -- which suggests the GT-R is making 507 hp -- is wrong. Matsumura-san says ultra-low friction bearings in the wheel hubs and transmission, plus the careful alignment of the all-wheel-drive system's propshafts, mean friction losses are reduced to an unprecedented 10 percent or so. We're going to get a GT-R back and conduct some coast-down tests to see if he's right.
True or false, that doesn't really matter even if it has some 20-30 hp over the official 480 rating. It's blistering pace relative to the competition isn't about the power-to-weight advantage anyways. I pretty much thought everyone was satisfied with the drag strip test results, no?

Hopefully there'll come the day when all of us will finally learn to appreciate true engineering efforts and leave that stupid hate and stubborn domestic fanboyism behind the door.
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