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Default not shocking - Nissan GT-R hub dyno results

This is from December 2007 . . .

Best Car had their GT-R put on a hub dyno and it made the claimed flywheel number at the hubs.

The number was 354.5 kilowatts while the claimed number was 353. In horsepower, that's 475.4 hp at the hubs and the familiar claimed 473 at the crank.

Soo, figuring in 10% drivetrain loss, that would be a whopping 528.2 horsepower at the flywheel. Of course, 10% is just a guess (there'd be less power loss without the wheels on . . . that's why I used a more conservative 10% instead of 15% but that's no guarantee of accuracy.) The other earlier threads on GT-R dyno numbers shows that this is not the first or last word on GT-R dyno runs.
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