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let's make things a little worse. Labor rate at this place is 106/hr. I'm only getting 20 of that

After a fiasco today involving a wrong part costing me 7+ hours (fortunately the shop foreman talked the manager into making parts pay for my lost time) i find out that the parts monkeys get paid better than i do

I'm going to cali tomorrow through the 14th to be with my g/f, and when i get back i'm going to find out a little more about the payscale around here. Also will be looking for a second job. I'm going to try and get one as the mechanic at the indoor kart track nearby. All that will just go into savings. But politics would be a lot less. Kart broken? Fix it. End of story.

Wondering if the Port of Seattle is hiring...Gov't jobs typically have good benefits.

Thanks for the support guys.

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