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Thanks! What you can't see is that there's a bit of hail damage (the car has lived outside since I got it in 2009), and the paint has seen better days, as there's a fair amount of road rash from all the highway driving I've done. That said, I've tried to keep it washed/waxed and undercoated, so it's still in pretty good shape.

The mods aren't done yet! I'm going to be working on my tune some more once the weather gets warmer. I expect to see a little over 310 awhp and around 350 awtq. Eventually, I'll have to throw on a larger-diameter intake system and I'd like to add a GTX2867 as well. Properly tuned, that turbo will put out around 400awhp and 400awtq while maintaining decent spool characteristics. That should mean around 22psi of boost at 3000rpm ramping up to 25 or 26psi.

In the meantime, the car is running just fine (knock wood), and remains daily-driven in all weather conditions.

I haven't decided how far I want to take it, but that car could be SERIOUSLY quick under the right circumstances and with the right modifications. Here's a video of the current world record holder:
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