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Guys, you know what? I'm not the new Nissan GTR nut to be honest!

If i had this kind of money, i'd jump in the six year old NSX-R without a single thought with the big smile on my face and forgot what the GTR is. You see i love lightweight cars, i prefer RWD over AWD, i prefer full manual gearbox over DSG (even if it's slower), i love high-revving NA engines... in other words i love and respect pure sportscars. And i see all previous gen GTRs as such, but unfortunately not the new one. In fact the only GTR i'd be happy to own is the R32 Skyline GTR (R33 and R34 are really good too, but they're hardly any different from the R32, a tad faster but also heavier, anyway i'd easily pick them over the new GTR anyday as they're still more "pure" and much more appealing to me).

So why do i like the new GTR then? Well, the car that has been engineered up to the smallest bits during 5 consequent years, with such impressive technology and attention to details applied, that happened to be so good that in fact made myself doubting it's performance, deserves some respect in my book. Yeah and most of all i like the way this GTR phenomenon pisses some people of. Thre're so many haters and doubters who can't believe it is really that good and generally hate it more than any other car on the planet.

(I'd like to drive it, but i wouldn't buy it )
(Dunno 'bout V-Spec though... )
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