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Originally Posted by toffytofik View Post
Indeed, it won't go far on the rims alone.
Oh - not to forget, when you need to adjust the pressure in your tyres youhave to go to a certified GT-R dealer to get the nitrogen topped up... o lose your warranty

Originally Posted by toffytofik View Post
Which planet Mars or maybe Venera? And why GT3 RS? Why not the GT3 RSR? Or better GT1? It's even more competent, especially at Jupiter!!! Why are talking about race cars out of a sudden?
The GT3 RS was only mentioned because it's just about the only other car being sold with race car like tyres... the RS as them for track day junkies to enjoy, while the GT-R has those tyres just so it can stay safe on public roads... considering it weighs as much as a large double decker bus.

Originally Posted by toffytofik View Post
Yeah, there're lots of these 4,000lb sedans made once in a while that instantly beat Porsches as soon as you change to 140 treadwear.
You better enjoy it while youcan, because the moment the tyres go off, the car wll be slower than a Boxster....

Originally Posted by toffytofik View Post
Sorry for making a joky replies. It's just somehow i guess it's rather pointless to sensibly argue with you on the GTR.
Sensibly argue?

What argument?

Argument would imply you guys have a chance at winning (as opposed to whining)

From day 1 we simply stated: In order for the GT-R to deliver the supposed performance numbers it is being waaaaaaay underrated on power and/or has very sticky tyres - far stickier than any of the competing cars get STOCK.

You side of the table said that neither of these things are true... and now it turns out that BOTH are the case

Lets see these same tests repeated when the Porsche and Corvette have got the tyres installed that the owners put on.... because then the GT-R's advantage is gone.. and day after day, lap after lap, street mile after street mile, the lighter car is always more desirable over the "technological" car

And it is in the real world of actual owner experience that this car needs to live and survive, not the world of Internet Geeks and Magazine Bench racers

GT-R Lovers Club Haircut?

I mean, the levels you guys go to pile on the bullsh.....
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