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Motor Trend published pics of what the next WRX Sti is gonna looke like. Seems they went all hot hatch for the British market. I personally dont mind it all that much. I think it looks alot better then what I was expecting and Im sure it will become the top mega hot hatch.

I can tell you flat out, however, that if Subaru tries that in the US market there will be alot of STi's sitting on lots and alot of the new Evo's screaming by on the streets past them . Americans do not like hot hatches for the most part. Only the VW R32 has really acheived cult status in the US but, to most of us, hot hatches are just a little to girly, a little too cute, a little too small (rarely a V-6 and never a V-8) and there is just something about the way they look that just doenst appeal. Bland and yank eyes anyway.
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