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Originally Posted by sameerrao
The 355 is an intoxicating car no doubt.

I bought a new set of driving shoes soon after I got my 348 - racing Sparco shoes actually. It makes a huge improvement when driving and prevents snagging two pedals simultaneously. Narrow shoes are a must - don't bother with the normal driving shoes like Piloti - they are too wide.

As to the maintenance issues I know of two people who had bad experiences, one has spent $23000 in total for various fixes over the last 2 1/2 years. Yet there are 3 more people I know who never had a problem. Buying a car with a tubi and replaced headers and valve guides should take care of the biggest expenses.

The 355 is about 30-40% more expensive to service than a 348 - $$$$
I've been thinking about what shoes, and I've found some pumas on thier website that look like they'll do the job perfectly w/out the expense of the sparco's.

My issue wasn't hitting two pedals at the same time, it was having the rubber of my shoe stop on the "dead pedal" rather then the clutch... gas and break foot was fine in the 355.

and... when I was talking to a friend about driving Nat's 355, he suddenly said "well, we'll have to get you behind the wheel of my 348 Spyder then! I have to warn you, it isn't as easy to drive..."

thanks for the input Sameer I still can't get over the fact one of my long term dreams has come true!
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