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Originally Posted by RC45 View Post
What stupid hate and stubborn domestic fanboyism?

Until I see a GT-R line up against a CGT and go head to head, and actually witness a GT-R blowing the CGT into the weeds I for one call complete bullshit.

Nossan should have stuck to their original pan of "beating the 911 Turbo"

But making up crap that their car would dominate and anihilate the likes of the RT12, Enzo, CGT and Koeniggsegg is laugable.

Note the debate is not aboue Z06 or 911Turbo vs GT-R - so you may as well give up your domestic hate... there is no "domestic" anything in this debate.

Not sure if yo uhave been in and/or aournd the cars mentioned, but the RT12 and CGT are frighteningly fast... and its not just 0-60 in 3.xs tht is fast, we are talking corner entry, mid corner, corner exit, straight away etc.

And to achieve that level of performance to extreme power and weight loss - are we now all to believe that Nissan somehow, in a $75,000 car that uses barely any lightweight exotic structurale material has been able to take a 800lb heavier and 200hp weaker car and somehow made it FASTER??

Please - this is as absurd as someone showing up at an F1 race with an F3000 car and claiming to have a higher lap time than the qualifier.

If thats the case, then lets see it on track side by side.

Because if ture, then this 7:30 time means that the GT-R will visible blow a CGT and RT12 into the weeds.

We are talking anihilate them on the straights, pass them up the inside of corners and outbrake them round the outside dominaiton.

Surely, if possible then Nissan have just reinvented the automobile and every other light weight high power should just go home.

I mean, this GT-R is faster around the 'Ring than even a Caterham Superlight 400?

Bull - shit

I am sure, if this was the case, then Porsche AG would already have been seen thrashing a GT-R around the ring by autospys.

After all, Nissan just rendered all the CGT weight savings pointless.
Stop being a child will you.
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