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Originally Posted by philip View Post
Saw it last night. I thought it was great. Much better than the reviews said it would be. If you don't like the first three minute intro. there's something wrong with you.

Partial nudity is back into the credits, I think they are building James a brick at a time from the beginning. If you remember movie No 1, Dr. No did not have any partial nudity in the credits. In Casino Royal there was no partial nudity in the credits. He was not a 00 in the beginning and you saw him get his DB4.

I think the critics have missed the point, James is developing his personality, he is developing his persona a piece at a time. He still does not know how he likes his martini. His environment and his friends are also being built a brick at a time. M does not trust him, he is hot headed, Felix and he are not friends yet, they only know each other and think they work sort of on the same side. Felix has much more character development in this movie.

This movie has a number of new firsts for James. I won't really mention them, so as not to spoil it for you. You need to think of Casino Royal as the first movie. Forget all the others he is not there yet. You see Q again for the second time, but I think he again has no lines. I suspect that will come in future movies. We almost get close to an "evil lair" but not quite. No I won't spoil it.

Since this movie is really just a continuation of Casino Royale, it ends it very well. That chapter closes, but the hints of new problems continue. The new enemy has been at least identified as the "global organization of terrorists we know nothing about". If you are a Bond fan you know it is SPECTRE, they just have not found out their name yet. They have been updated for today, much more sinister, secret and better connected than before.

All this and the critics say it has no plot. "It is just a Bond turned Borne." Are they just stupid, or did they never read any of the books. Bond over the years was turned into joke of him self. The books were never written as comedies.

Enjoy the movie for all the action, car crashes, explosions, and great fight scenes. But know lurking underneath it all is a developing plot, character development and Daniel Craig, doing an incredible job as young James, now ready to be the James Bond.
I saw it the other day and my thoughts are similar. The critics seem to forget that this is very much a revenge film so we can't expect the typical Bond personality in this one. I enjoyed it thoroughly and appreciate not having to suspend disbelief too often (this coming from someone who feels Die Another Day and its ridiculousness made for the worst Bond film of all time.)

Q was in the movie??? I know he's not featured, but I didn't catch that at all.
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