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Originally Posted by RC45
I think that is the light that comes one when the car leaves you stranded like most VW's eventually do.

It means "Time to bet out your walking shoes"..
hehe, good joke!! Actually the car broke down 350km from here, in Germany. My parents had only gotten it in front of the Gottard tunnel in Swiss because my dads Opel Omega had broken down there... Both engine managment problems. Imagine that, 2 times in one trip (1400km long)... The thing is the engine managment of the Opel Omega had just been replaced 9 days before. You can read about that story here:

You may be thinking, your dad must surely push those cars to the limit but it's the opposite, my dad makes some 50.000km a year and is one of the best drivers I know. He uses the engine power but doesn't rev to high. And with 3 passangers I know he's a carefull driver, he said he was never doing more then 140km/h on the German autobahn.

Anyway, the Audi A6 he ordered still hasn't arrived and the fact that the 1.9 TDi collapsed after just 400km doesn't give my dad too much confidence in the 2.0TDi of the A6...

The 1400km trip took 22hours in total. That was super exausting and he could only sleep for 2 hours when he got home because he had 4 patients waiting in the morning.

As I said, in both cases it was the engine managment that restricted the engine power, the Omega could only go downhill or really slowly on a flat road. The Passat just had enough power to continue, he said they started a small hill at 120km/h and ended at 60km/h, that's dangerous on the autobahn at night. I'm just glad they got home safe, but we're really pissed of at Opel who had the car for 5 days just 1.5 week ago and still didn't manage to fix the problem or give any compensation.
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