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Long time no news from my side, I was absorbed at work and could hardly find some hours to proceed with the interesting things life offers

From all the tousands of pics I did during the amazing Lambo meeting in St.Moritz, I created a Photo-CD with the best impressions of the event which I'm now selling worldwide thanks to Mark from Lambocars, THANKS Mark!

As some of you may have seen, there's big report about the St.Moritz event in his magazine called "Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine"

Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine - Issue6

a bunch of photos can be seen on my page, I'm especially proud of the airport pictures. Some Hi-Res pictures will be posted in the WYST section soon, starting with the Supperleggera post

click the image to see the text, 32 previewpics

"salesman voice on "

One of the biggest Lamborghini Club events occured recently in the Swiss Alps, a massive gathering of about 115 Raging Bulls at St.Moritz that was organized between the German, Swiss and Italian clubs turned into a stunning collection of rare and exotic Lamborghini's.

I was present and took a large collection of photographs during the various road trips organized over the weekend, if you want to catch some of the atmosphere surrounding this unique event, than this Photo CD is the perfect item for you. You’ll see Valentino Balboni driving the magnificent 350GT in the famous scenery of the Swiss Alps!

Dozens of Gallardo Superleggeras in all available colours were roaring over the twisty passes!
From Urracco, Islera, Espada, various special Countachs …, LM002, … Diablo GT's until the latest LP640Roadster, all have been present!

From the 3k images taken during that blast weekend, the best 550 were chosen, postprocessed and burned in wallpaper format on a CD. As a bonus, over 50 photoshooting pictures (LP640 by Hamann, LP640 Roadset, Gallardo Spyder, 3 Coutnachs together, Reiter Gallardo GT3) are added.

This Photo CD is packed inside a nice box, holding a small booklet with details of this one of a kind event and some of the photographs you'll find on the CD, and what's more, you can also get a bundle with Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine - the 6th issue, which perfectly shows this event in all it's glory. The CD is kindly distributed by Mark Smeyers from
In case you're interested in getting ~550 at once ( no boring clicking on each of them on the internet :idea: ) and you want to support two car enthousiasts, why not ordering one
Link to purchase a CD/magazine
"salesman voice off "

Of any JW visitor ordering a Photo-CD, I'll donate 5€ to JW!!

my page: - "Lamborghini meets St.Moritz" Photo-CD now available !
recent post: 15+ Gallardo Superleggeras roaring in the Swiss Alps !
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