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Originally Posted by TT
Amazing! My uncle is in Celerina these days and sent me an SMS to tell me about this (as if I didn't know already ).

Actually the shitty weather makes for some cool pics!

BTW, the LP640 roadster is probably the one I saw at the factory the other day

and yes, I think we had several sightings on the road already. Especially in MC, like this:
with the black Flying Spur?, although haven't seen the car
@Roadster, prolly this is the one
@ sightings, well not first sightings then, but first indepth for sure

weather turned good today, but still some troubles with schedule and catching the car on the pass, the engine warning lamp of the Seat went on ( no, I didn't try to follow them :wink)

but all in all, it's been a BLAST :fuck:

one pic atm, going to see some people before they go to have a gala dinner.

one pic "stmoritzer at work"

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