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Default Lamborghini meets St.Moritz(er) , Photo-CD on sale



scroll down for the update, 29.10.2007

EDIT end

TT is in Ferrari fever down there in Maranelleo :fuck:

the other big italien brand cars escaped and went to St.Moritz.
120 Lambos from 3 countries (Germany, Italy and Switzerland) meet together for the first time

Very promising

The day started badly with massive rain on the way from Zürich to the Engadin .... came there quite late and almost missed the Corso thru the town.
Still rainy weather :bah: , but seeing that many Lambos on on place ( so far I saw 6 Lambos together as a maximum ops: ), I was amazed ....

from Miura (in hotel lobby) to Urraco, Espada, Countach, Diablos,... to unch of Gallardos and Murcies.

biggest surpise was a brand new LP640 Roadster (came yesterday from the factory :mrgreen) in pearlwhite
did we had streetsightings before of a roadster?
Diablo GT Prototypo, a LM002, some LP640, some Affolter cars, a Hamann Murcie are the highlights ... and Supperleggeras in all available colors.

will post pics shortly (shot 600+ in 3 hours despite of the rain :bah

btw, VB is here too :fuck:

it's late
will continue tommorrow
(2 passes on the program tmw)




my page: - "Lamborghini meets St.Moritz" Photo-CD now available !
recent post: 15+ Gallardo Superleggeras roaring in the Swiss Alps !
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