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Originally Posted by RC45

Originally Posted by dingo
460rwhp?? Don't they make 505hp at the fly? So only 45hp lost through the drivetrain?
This is correct.

Originally Posted by dingo
I've seen the Z06 here and I don't think the interior is close to that of a BMW or Audi!
We saw your photos of the car at the race track - so I have to ask you, when you looked at the car and mentally compared it to BMW's, Audi's, Yugo's and Holden's did you then turn to the owner and say "Fuck your car looks like shit compared to these other cars"...

Or did you look and hear and see and think to yourself "Holy Mother of God" as it blasted past on yet another lap.

I think we know the answer to that one.

Originally Posted by dingo
No doubting its pace though, definately a beast and relative bargain.
Isn't that the point once the cars arrive at the race track though?

Doesnt a track day sort of filter out all the magazine and bench racing bullshit and the cars begin to stand on their own merits - and the interior means diddly squat.
Don't get so defensive mate, I wasn't having a go at the car.

The interior comment was in response to Nth saying it rivals a BMW or Audi which I think we all agree isn't true - whether or not that matters wasn't the point.

I bought an Evo - not for the interior either but for the performance so you don't need to preach to me.
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