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Originally Posted by obdr
Yeah but RC45.....the Corvette isnt JUST a track car. It was designed to be a daily driver so interior quality actually is a valid concern of any buyer, even the people who take theirs to the track on weekends. If your going to be spending alot of time somewhere it should be as nice as possible. If asthetics were pointless nobody would live in a house with a view. But the REALITY is that people care about it. They want to see shapes pleasing to the eye and feel materials pleasing to the touch...both on the inside and outside. The z06 simply cant compare, interior wise, to the likes of Audi and Mercedes in those two points.
And again that is PURE subjectivity.

As they sold EVERY Corvette made since 1997 - complete with the same interior - so apparently 240,000 people do not agree with your assessment.

More than 30,000 buyers per year do not agree with your assessment - so why the insistance on being right with regard to a purely subjective assessment?

Originally Posted by obdr
You shouldnt attack people for saying so either.
Nobody was being attacked - but again I ask how you react around C5 and C6 Corvette owners when you see the car in person?

Do you walk around saying out loud "Man this shit sucks compared to BMW and Audi"? I am guessing you don't - because YOU would be the one who cares not the 30,000 other people who buy them.

See thats the real point.

Originally Posted by obdr
There is no need to defend the Z06. It doesnt need your help at all. It can take care of itself
There was no defense at all. It doesn't need any defense - again a quarter million C5's sold proves that fact.

Originally Posted by obdr
Just let people have their opinions man. Its pointless to try and correct peoples subjective views about cars.
Yet again with the liberal style statements - just because the anti-Corvette viewer has an opinion I should all of a sudden NOT have one?

Why is it only acceptable for the counter point to have a say?

Originally Posted by obdr
Everyone has their own tastes.......its what makes the world interesting. Try correcting people on facts more often then on subjective views of style and will waste less time that way.
There is no need to correct people on their subjective opinion, and I never have - however I have often corrected you and others who make opinionated "statements of fact" based on untruths - and will continue to do so - again thats the difference.
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