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Originally Posted by nickthaskater
How is that contradictive? I don't have to drive both to have an opinion on it, because it's just that, an opinion. You don't have to agree with my opinion, or take anything I'm saying as fact, so no, I'm just fine and dandy using the knowledge I have to make an opinion on the matter.
Hehehe - so whats the point of a 'Members Review" if people are just going come in and quote car & driver etc etc and CLAIM that they know which is better.

JabbasWorld has a rule... Pics or STFU.

So - untill you HAVE driven both, perhaps you shoudl keep the "opions" to the regular Car Chat forum.. as this one is about ACtual Member Reviews - where counterpoints need to be validated by test drives.

Which again, is why I say there should be at least some rudimentary test data recorded to back up what the reviewer says.

I can tell you this much, in my opinionthe C6 Coupe is a slow turning, bad handling, numb, dog slow, poser chick car

But without some test data for me to back up my opinion - it's just my biased, subjective opinion.

Originally Posted by nickthaskater
Car and Driver agrees with me anyways haha, and I'll take their view over yours any day of the week.
And here I thought that "we trust the opinions of a fellow enthusiast more than a magazine tester".. Apparently not..
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